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What Makes Bags So Important?

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                                             Since the dawn of time, we have used bags or purses for travel or to carry things in, but there are so many reasons why we depend on them. It can mean that the alternatives are not so important. Though there are bags or purse users who feel comfortable carrying almost anything everywhere, opening to the outside world around us. We can take the facts that a bag or a purse can be a little bit intimidating since it says so much about us. However, the whole process of picking and choosing a bag is so important. It may be just as important then picking an outfit to wear every day.

                                         It doesn’t have to be modest or scrupulous, bags are meant to help us with what we are trying to express or impress. We can count on bags to surprise us and to make us feel homely and comfortable. Most bags that are out there can be affordable, others are  pricey. Hundreds and hundreds of bags are tempting to buy, but the price of a bag should not scare a buyer away. It should  leave us with no restrictions or limitations.

                                          Throughout history, many ladies have used bags as a piece of the equipment for daily usage. Bags have been strongly used for many purposes.  It can even signify power and  beauty. Since the existence of money, jewelry, beauty products even cell phones, they played a huge role in society. They also played a huge part in the modern age of women and couture. They have been used for secretive items which are huge keepers of societal changes. Like women's sanitary cloths.   

                                  By Embracing its symbolic embodiment, it has become  both a signified piece of life equipment and concealer. It has served us from the ancient, symbolic, side to the signs of strength and indispensability of today, the handbag has been a chameleon object, that has come in many forms. Carrying it provides us with the needs and taste we use in our times. In fact, during the 60’s, it was referred to as a correct way to dress. While in the 70’s. suggests a sense of femininity along with power. In the 80’s, were days of sports and in the 90’s., designer haute couture.   

                            Handbags are all the trends these day. It can mean what we call as unisex, designer etc.., practically in many materials and designs which can carry anything in its contents. The materials of the bags are so amazing and inspiring that designers continue to experiment with the many materials today. Even using waterproof or canvas materials. Handbags are associated with modern man and woman and is a source of functionality.