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A Bag Resistance?

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              There is a tendency for disapproval for certain bags and some popularity for others. Bags are meant to be collected and admired, just like any other type of accessory. So, it is fate when you find that right bag and know deep that a bag is something to resist and own. For we carry a lot in a bag and need to because there would be no other support.

           As we find the ways why we depend on a bag, we are most likely to want to own them. With the incredible array of colors and designs, it can change the face of accessories. What makes them popular? The fact that we can use them almost anywhere and that we can rely on them to be there. The bag is the most important part of our lives, yet there are those who defy using them at all. They would rather push in using no bags or using wallets instead of a bag. Due in part to their comfortability status.

       Nevertheless, bag users are resisting those that do not carry or use bags. Instead converting them. Many bag users have converged around the shop corner or down a shopping aisle forming a group of people supporting and respecting the bag. So why no bag resistance from someone else? Besides the reasons that there is doubt that a purse is a challenge, many women have defined femininity and they kept a positive mission that bags are everything and more. Just like heels, the measure of a bag is like flying to the sky. It is endlessly free and potent.

        On the other hand, young girls are suddenly resisting bags and opting for backpacks or wallets. This is a huge difference then adult woman. Many mothers are encouraging their daughters to use bags or purses because it is a passage to adulthood. Many mothers range their differences with their daughters almost naturally. Bags raise the message that hey! You are female.

             However, you don’t have to show that you are feminine if you do not carry a bag. Bags are not for everyone. Even men try to relay around not carrying a bag too. The ways we see bags as necessary is like what we see in other of our possessions.

              In the end, we cannot force any woman or man to use a bag and we cannot stop the bag resistance. Whether we agree with it or not, Bags are becoming cliche to few, however there is no reason to quit the idea of carrying a bag.

             The idea that carrying a bag is an institution because bags are essential. It will not be rewound. It cannot be reversible. It shadows our daily routines. To increase the marvel which is our bag Is to encourage the use of bags and make time for bag shopping occasionally. Thus, we cannot decide what should be resisted. Because bags are always the steppingstone to a complete outfit and the reasons why we are all fashionistas or budding fashionistas.