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Bag Accessories Are the New Monogram: 6 Chic Ways to Personalize Yours

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Everyone has a staple bag of sorts. Your father has a duffel bag. Maybe your grandmother has a shopping bag. And you? You might be the proud owner of an It bag. But have you really made that classic, covetable piece your own? It’s a question for the ages: In a sea full of identical purses, how does one stand out from the crowd? Take cues from the tassel-toting, keychain-flying, and sticker-splashed bag carriers on the streets at Milan Fashion Week. For them, it was all about the extreme mash-up of kitschy-cute accessories: touristy-dangly things ranging from a Hawaiian doll to an abstract strawberry, or stickers running the gamut of cartoon eyeballs to playful letters. And it’s not just the styling du jour in Milan;’s Style Editor Edward Barsamian has been dotting his backpacks with quirky pins since high school. “I like adding stickers and keychains because it takes the preciousness out of the bag,” says Barsamian, who’s been known to plaster his Birkin bag with Supreme stickers. “Instead of it being this rarefied item, it returns to what it’s supposed to be—a functional item with touches of individuality.” Well said—and well done. After all, let’s face it: Bags are a dime a dozen, but a carryall with charm and personality is a rare breed indeed. Here, see of the best ways to customize your bag.

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