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The New Street Style: Is Fashion Peacocking Dead?

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At first glance, this season seemed just like the others: The streets were full of the same loud designer-dud-sporting, post-show patrons, posing in all of their sidewalk (and traffic!) clogging glory, crowded around by street style photographers and gawked at by passerby. But there was something different about it this time around—the reactions weren’t the same. Maybe there was more eye-rolling at the done-up, the attention-thirsty. Maybe it was just that it was really, really cold this February in New York, and dressing for anything but warmth looked really, well, desperate. ​The real admiring focus was on looks that were relatable, real, that proved more chops than those donated by a fashion house as a promotional freebie—more “I really look like this” than “look at me!” The result? See the slideshow at Vogue's Fashion Peacock Street Style Guide.