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10 Men’s Autumn/Winter Style Tips

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It’s a yearly event: that morning when it dawns on us that the weather has changed, and we’ve entered the cold season. There’s a discomforting chill inside our still unheated home, we leave the shower and hesitate before unwrapping the towel, and as we get dressed, we know it’s time to dust off our overcoat, check our jumpers for moth holes and search for the wool scarf we haven’t seen since March (it’s usually inside a coat pocket, by the way).

You already know your wardrobe response to the new temperature will be exactly the same as last year: it’s time to return to comfort layers – those that keep you warm and protected against the elements.

However, this can quickly make our looks appear boring and unimaginative. Is it because we think it’s bad taste to take sartorial or stylistic risks when everyone else is curling up in uninspiring layers and walking about with cups of hot watery soups, shoulders shrugged, depressed due to the weather?

Just as the soup could be swapped for a hearty, imaginative hot sandwich, there are ways to keep warm in the colder months without blending into the crowds. To help, we’ve come up with a few simple tricks you can try, to ensure your winter ensembles aren’t dull.

It’s all about rethinking your layers and adopting new ideas that often get ignored when you’re trying to remain warm and comfortable…

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