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This Is the World’s Fanciest Food Truck

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The post below entitled, “This Is the World’s Fanciest Food Truck,” originally appeared on FWx and Instyle. For more articles like this, visit

No matter what you want for lunch, if you’re willing to wait on the curb in front of your office with a hundred other hungry people, you can almost certainly get it from a food truck. There are more than 3 million of them on the road now, but we would be willing to bet quite a bit of money you’ve never seen one like Peugeot’s Le Bistro du Lion. The expandable French vehicle is the single most tricked-out food truck ever created. It’s really less food truck than it is complete mobile restaurant and party space.

In the kitchen, it’s got two grills and four induction burners, as well as two nearly full-size refrigerators built into the floor. On the outside, it has built-in tables for up to 30 people, a Rocket espresso system and, oddly enough, a DJ booth and enormous flat-screen TV that will stream video of the chefs as they cook. Peugeot is taking its truck on the road to Milan Design Week on April 14 and to the World’s Fair in Milan that runs May to October, where chef Sven Chartier of the Le Fooding award-winning bistro Clown Bar will be cooking.

We don’t know if any Bistros du Lion will make it stateside to serve up grilled cheese during your lunch break, but if the explosion in cooking on wheels has taught us anything over the last several years, it’s hard to keep a good food truck down.