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Best Restaurant Lunches When You Urge To Dine Out

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That bling-worthy lunch tote may pull in the compliments, but sometimes it’s hard to feel the love about what’s inside, particularly if it’s last night’s leftovers. Feeling the urge to dine out instead? has canvassed nutrition numbers at top-selling restaurant chains to zero in on the healthiest options. Check out the slideshow:

While its a minefield of high fat, high calorie, super salty choices at some lunch joints, sometimes you have no choice on the restaurant. If so, Maureen Callahan, MS,RD and Karen Ansel, RD suggest this quick guideline: 600 calories or less; not more than 6 grams saturated fat (the American Heart Association suggests a daily limit of 17g) and about 900 mg sodium or less.


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